Anil Trikha

Flawed and faltering individuals as all humans are, thanks for the reminder that carrying baggage of past injuries is not necessarily preordained. The essential message that I read in all your posts is that one doesn’t have to remain locked by one’s past. Freedom from it is possible if we can believe that we have agency to determine our future. It’s a message of hope to defeat despair. Thanks dear

Rucha Avinash

Since my first session with Ritu Ma’am. I have felt an enormous shift in my perspective. Her teachings & unconditional dedication just makes healing a whole LOT magical. Her beautiful ability to connect with everyone & make ever so comfortable is what makes her exceptionally special. It’s hard to find a mentor who holds you

She is not only beautiful on the outside but she is Magnetic!!

If you haven’t been blessed enough to work with her, I would suggest you to consider it. She is forever radiating some magical ethereal joy & she is just someone you want to be around. Because when you do get to be around her she makes your life a while lot better

Thank you Ritu, for sharing your wisdom, & making me believe I am limitless & I hold the power to change. I will be eternally grateful for you. You have undoubtedly changed my life.

Sanjay Dureja

(Readers Beware of the Risks – Those who have the courage to accept Love in their PRESENT lives may continue, rest may exit to pompously publicize of their unused competencies of PAST times which were virtually ready for no service)

I had an external head grooming done in a Saloon after the twelve days of internal head grooming at a renowned Metaphysical center. Long strong, black hair was kept oiled and combed daily to keep them healthy. These had been always my savior from the impact of external cold winds. Ironically, my oiled hair is also the physical and insulating barrier on the head blocking my intellectual passage to spiritual learning. With this barrier partially diffused by a haircut, came the light for mind awakening. The Third Eye has now opened to understand the Physical World consisting of LOVE ENERGY. A Metaphysical construct of the Physical World which separates the mind and actual reality. The reality I perceive is nothing but representations created by my brain. There’s even a possibility of reality just existing in my mind, and not anywhere physical.

Each of the PRESENT time strength in myself is the culmination of many lifetimes of challenges successfully responded. A bird flies over the mountain, holding a silk scarf in its beak, which it brushes across the surface of the mountain. The time it would take for the scarf to wear down the mountain is how long we’ve been doing this to build our strengths in different cultures and situations. I am my own challenger in the PRESENT time to put-to-use my energy for positive outcomes. Each moment is a situation, an opportunity here and now to be responded with minimum effort and time maintaining healthy relations with humans, animals, and plants. The Physical World entropy will, therefore, reduce with gentle and kind actions acted with Love and Compassion. My intellect has opened to understand the unknown. I had maintained safely and securely the Fear of Unknown in Darkness, it got Light from LOVE with curiosity for Known. Evolution of consciousness became known in a moment.

Existence does not make mistakes. I send my heartful greetings to all my friends who have removed the past shackles of my misery and suffering to shower myself with a life of oneness.


I am internally grateful to you for having given me your time and inputs. Our sessions have given me clarity and direction.

Your cause is the need of the hour and I hope more and more people benefit from your “lighthouse” sessions.

For me, it has been as pleasant a feeling as sinking my teeth into a warm, soft cookie. A feeling of comfort

If I can contribute in any manner to cause of Ajna, I would be happy to.

Kiran’s 2 Training of Trainers Interview

Kiran’s Training of Trainers

Khushnoor Dastoor

I have, for as far back as I can remember, been intrigued by questions like ‘who am I’ and ‘what am I doing here?’

The processes you learn at Ajna, like nothing else I have ever come across, give total responsibility for change to the individual, and nothing has propelled my interest or growth as much.

Complete accountability for the limitations you unknowingly buy into and complete choice to change these around give you the power and freedom to live your life on terms that are so much your own that it is almost unimaginable.

Until you experience it for yourself.


I guess I was finally ready to hear the full truth about myself from my body and I landed up at Ajna to do the life coaching course. It is the best gift I could ever have given myself. The course held a mirror to my belief system and showed me how it was limiting me in so many ways. Learning to muscle test has proved to be the best skill I have acquired.

Spending two weeks with Doc and Ritu has been a life-changing experience. I have found precious friendship with them and with the other participants as well.I was brave enough to risk success and quit my job as an editor to follow my heart’s calling of becoming a full-time writer and counselor.I am now my own boss, picking up assignments that touch my heart and add value to my life. My life is better in every way and I am now a more fulfilled person.

I never miss an opportunity to be at the Ajna for courses and just for a chat. It’s like a second home to me.


All my life I felt I had a special protection and felt there was something unique about myself but I could not identify this aspect in me. I was like an unpolished diamond. I felt flashes of special life right from my birth as a stillborn. Later I recognized that I had ADD which made me find creative ways to cope with my studies and life.

I accidentally landed at AJNA to help me cope with my studies in 1993 while I was pursuing engineering in Pune. After 4 sessions with Ritu, I felt that this work of 3 in 1 concepts was a manifestation of my lifelong quest and I wanted to learn it. Dr. Stagg and Ritu out of their graciousness allowed me to attend the course and I went into teaching and taking sessions right after completing my facilitator training.

I feel honored to be part of 3 in 1 concepts. This work has brought me success personally and professionally. I feel proud to say that it’s been now 20 years since I completed my facilitator training. I have grown from strength to strength. A big thank you to Ritu and Doc. I close this with a prayer from Krishna Das.

“If we know anything about a path at all, it’s only because of the Great ones that have gone before us. Out of their love and kindness, they have left some footprints for us to follow. So, in the same way, that they wish for us, we wish that all beings everywhere, including ourselves, be safe, be happy, have good health, and enough to eat. And may we all live at ease of heart with whatever comes to us in life.” – closing prayer by KD

Diva Chawla

All I can say, is that the training at Ajna gave me the strength to accept myself. A realization that when I am okay under my own skin, effortlessly judgments regarding self and others vanishes.

I got the gift to see a world that I was missing on, by choosing to hold on to negative emotions and how by changing the gestalt a whole new sky opens up.

I can speak or write myriads on work done in the training, however, living it is the real testimonial. It is learning the game of getting aware of how unknowingly we give in, to the negativities and how with awareness we can regain 100% power to live the life we all really want for ourselves.

Ruchi Participant in the Training of Trainers

Ekta’s Interview, Participant in The Training

Ekta Bodhi

my name is Ekta when I was asked to speak a little about what I have achieved thru Ajna it was hard bcos The experiences at Ajna cannot be expressed in words they are feelings felt with so many AHa moments. The journey for the past few years has been phenomenal it all started two years ago when I first came to Ajna as a very shy & coy person. Not because that was the real me but it was an attitude that I had adapted to survive. Underneath this shy person was a being who had very low self-worth and low self-esteem. I thought every word Id say was so insignificant and would be judged and rejected by my friends and the ones near me.

My relationship was dysfunctional bcos I in my true sense was so absent I was in a mask working on automatic just to be socially accepted. This affected my career, my decision-making skills, it all seemed unachievable. To overcome these hidden fears I slowly withdrew from active life and became more of a social recluse.

Right at this point, I was introduced to Ajna. I met Ritu and took several sessions which helped me see through so many barriers which were self-created as a defense to avoid pain. The technique of muscle testing was so simple so nonaggressive and I was amazed each time my body had the wisdom to say just what I wanted to hear.

I was changing I had now started choosing things that made me happy. Choosing relationships which had more meaning it was beautiful to see changes and still so hard to acknowledge them because I see sometimes we are so occupied by what others say
I now wanted to explore my life full throttle and took the jump to do the 2-week life coaching and counselor training. This was the key that cleared so many issues. These 14 days were a gift a blessing to me. I can never forget how could the school be so much fun

I still use the insights as a key every time I feel stuck and it opens the door to see more of myself. I can now see so many friends and acquaintances go thru the same feelings and I know I can help them see thru it and yet at the same time I learn something new each time thru them.

I know what Ajna has done for me. It has made me realize that I own a very powerful tool called “Choice” and I choose to be happy fulfilled and more conscious it could be slow but I can be it. Thanks, Ritu and Warren.


The Ajna life coaching course is a powerful program for individual as well as professional development. Warren and Ritu bring all their heart and years of experience to the learning process. I loved the course and can see new opportunities in my life as a result of sharing in this unique learning program. Thanks Warren and Ritu!

Navneesh Makkad

The quest to know who I really am brought me to Ajna. I felt a deep urge to find my true self and to get rid of this false identity. Low self-worth and self-doubt were major obstacles in my life. And this training program has helped me immensely to overcome these obstacles. From being completely lost and directionless, I now feel involved and purposeful. The power of choice has made a very impactful transformation in my life. Now with this new awareness, every day seems like a thrilling experience. ‘Change your focus, change your intention and change your life’ sums up everything. Thank you Doc Thankyou Ritu for being an integral part of my life.

Natasha Singh-Gadgil

The reasons for each of us attending the course vary – Mine, certainly was to work on the self & with no intention of being a counselor. It was a tough phase at that time, I could not manage & when I saw the ad in the paper, I was drawn in…when I spoke with you on the phone, I was nailed to it…when I attended the course, YOU had a bigger role to play than the entire content. I was mesmerized by your spirit, still am, & in your own way, you did give me the strength to “wake up & get going”

One of the bigger & more applicable takeaways for me was the Barometer. Suddenly, a lot of things fell into perspective…why I feel & think a certain way, what choices shaped me & how they excrete into daily life.

Personally, the course was an awakening for me…it was the first, big, positive step towards making changes in my life after a huge transition into marriage, city, being jobless, managing families etc. I certainly believe that Ajna acted as a propellant & I started feeling in charge of my life (in baby steps) all over again…

Is there something that I practice from Ajna? Can I quantify it, like, maybe my Vipassana practice? I would say not in a way/technique as meditation, but then, that would be like comparing apples to oranges!

So what is it then that I practice?? The first step taken after Ajna – I value myself, my choices, my life a lot more. Second, I have managed to make some “me” time. Third, I have met a FABULOUS bunch of people through Ajna, who I can now comfortably & joyfully call friends.

Kajal Adressing Stress Issues

Michelle Interview

Shaily Ojha

My introduction to ajna and kinesiology happened two years back while I was healing from a physical ailment. Just meeting Doc and Ritu, took the stress away. What I found out later about my own self-was nothing less than a miracle. It changed the way I looked at myself and the world around me.

So, When I heard about the workshop that was happening, I just chose to be a part of it. I am ever thankful to my teachers at Ajna for the most wonderful experience of my life. There’s so much that one learns about his or her own self. And it even gives you the understanding to help others help themselves. Doc’s and Ritu’s love and positivity are contagious. Experience at Ajna was enriching, insightful in so many ways. I came out positive, happy and in love with life. What more I could have asked for.

Sangeeta J

I guess I was finally ready to hear the full truth about myself from my body and I landed up at Ajna to do the life coaching course. It is the best gift I could ever have given myself. The course held a mirror to my belief system and showed me how it was limiting me in so many ways. Learning to muscle test has proved to be the best skill I have acquired.

Spending two weeks with Doc and Ritu has been a life-changing experience. I have found precious friendship with them and with the other participants as well.I was brave enough to risk success and quit my job as an editor to follow my heart’s calling of becoming a full-time writer and counselor.I am now my own boss, picking up assignments that touch my heart and add value to my life. My life is better in every way and I am now a more fulfilled person.

I never miss an opportunity to be at the Ajna for courses and just for a chat. It’s like a second home to me.

Amrit K.T.

Before visiting Ajna Centre and meeting Ritu I felt confused and unsure of the way forward. Through Ritu’s wonderful insight and guidance it helped me open up and release things that were no longer serving me and let go of many things that stood in the way of my personal and spiritual growth. I have found my sessions with Ritu invaluable. I now feel at peace, calm and know I’m where I’m meant to be in this moment. Thank you for the support, encouragement and belief in me.

Eknath Ganbote

I saw ” Dear Zindagi ” today. While the movie covers only 5% of the good work you do. It gives out such an important message that taking therapy sessions is not a taboo. It makes huge huge difference to one’s life. But it was a big taboo 22 years back. Really really grateful for making me understand in those initial days that there was nothing seriously wrong with me but we were just tying up some loose strings.

Always grateful to you for changing my Zindagi and making it beautiful.

Shanto, Training Participant

Aditi’s Experience at Ajna

Devi Prasad

Over a decade ago I was living my life as a Freelance Photo Journalist and PR consultant. Even though I was enjoying my profession I was going through a traumatic time in personal life that eventually affected my professional life. There was a period everything was falling apart in life. My family life broke apart, my social life weakened, finance dried and eventually, my professional life collapsed to the ground. All of a sudden I was living with overcrowding problems and troubles. I was in deep pain and was going through grave trauma.

At that point, I was feeling the need to be healed so that I can challenge the challenge. I tried approaching various directions and methods to get hold of myself. Even though I had awareness of how I reached such a state I had no clue how to identify my weakness and strength and move forward. I felt I was stuck and also got suicidal thoughts several times.

That was the time my path crossed with Ritu. I had only wished to meet her was re-connect with myself and become stronger to face emotional blackmails that I faced in life by so-called loved ones and friends and also stop being a victim of all such acts. That was my primary wish. Ritu interviewed me and followed her procedures in kinesiology. I was curiously waiting to hear her findings. In very first session what she told me touched me. She did say many things to inspire me and bring me back to true self. But I remember one thing she said: ‘Child inside you feel suffocated and you must give importance to that child within’. The very thought of being childlike (not childish) was sending ripples inside me of change in me.

I visited Ritu for a couple of more sessions and end of every session I was feeling better and inspired again to live my life instead of leaving. Then there was a session and that was last. I did not visit her again for any more sessions. Because that session turned my life forever.

In that session, Ritu did say several things, but my inner being was in an explosion of celebration. Because that day I heard my inner calling for the first time crystal clearly. What did Ritu say to me? Very simple thing. She said, “Son, you are born to create colorful things.” Those words still echo in my ears. It helped me to bounce back, made me realize who I am and purpose of my life. I saw a new door that was wide open in my life. I saw time has come to drop the past and live the present and create a golden future. So, begin a brand new life!

I decided to transform myself into an Artist. I was aware every beginning is a challenge, initially. I was also aware that it is not easy to carve oneself as an artist. Moreover, even if one does, it is not easy to live as an artist and create a niche. I told myself I shall give myself a chance and do everything to be an artist. I started the process of life of an artist and kept painting to explore my own hidden potentials.

A few months later I was really living as an artist. I also had a first solo exhibition in Delhi. After that, I visited Ritu to share the development. Naturally, she was astonished by the change. Incidentally, same time I met Dr. Warren Stag and got yet another shot in the arm from him. He saw my works and said my works look like Paul Klee’s works. I was not aware who it was. But to my shocking surprise, he was a Swiss modern art master lived between 19th and 20th Century. Dr. Stag even showed Klee’s book and compared couple of my works and their similarities. From that moment I realized there is some unique potential for me and must discover it.

Eventually, I moved to Goa. Started a new life. Lived every day as an artist and put all energy into searching my own visual language. Paul Klee, Joan Miro, and Jackson Pollock became my ethereal level, Gurus. In 2007 I finally achieved the significant style of my own that placed me in different orbit as an artist. Since then there was no looking back. I kept moving and till now I have several solos and group shows to my credit in India and abroad. I achieved few milestones in life but major milestone I achieved this year when my 58 paintings drawings become part of permanent collection of a well-known museum in Lisbon, Portugal called Museu do Orient (Musem of Orient).

I still remember the beginning, Ritu’s words ‘Son, you are born for creating colorful things’. Today I redefined my purpose of life and that is to ‘create wealth for the world through my work’.

Sanjay Dureja, Exec at Tata Motors

Now I conduct each meeting to get others Idea, knowledge with open, friendly and heartfull manner. I removed frustration and panic reaction of two colleagues for them to realise probable and possible response towards difficult situation.

Michelle Pinto

I’ve been doing my affirmations and everyday I say them with even more conviction. I also realise I’m now not liking the previous ways of living. Another achievement for me today- I chose my power, believing in my ability to respond and made a decision without any shame, blame or guilt

Sanjay Dureja, Exec at Tata Motors

AJNA has exposed myself to the real aspects of Emotional Behaviour. Its positive energy brings strength, importance, power, relationship bond and love for humanity. I would bring this concept to practice.


My sessions were very fruitful. Dr. Ritu helped me to understand the importance of introspection and to come out of my unrecognized causes for self-blame. Her affirmations have guided me to gain peace. I am sincerely grateful to her for I am now confident to see my self-worthiness


I’m grateful for your existence not just in my life but when I see shama or other people being positively affected I can just imagine how much you believe in what you do and how many many lives you must have touched.


” What I learnt from my Ajna experience…
The light comes in all spectrums. Nature, texture, and stories are the very mirrors of experience we have come down here to seek.
Transformation, metamorphosis and the journey are equal to all, as we stand as individuals made up of mass, matter, and memory exploring the material world. Of course, on the journey we encounter darkness because in the darkness there is depth…the beauty in that depth is that we’re all connected in our collective experience. My images are in response to the boldness and oomph of your work, Ritu!”

Deepti Bhujbal

Thank you for offering Face Language workshop. I gained various insights into how i can identify where a person is coming from while observing their face – their approach to things may be different yet valuable. I can now choose to interact more harmoniously with different people with more compassion and less judgement ! Thank you for the immeasurable value you have added to my life experience !!

Anuj Saxena

What I am in the process of learning is: Sense of humour /ability to laugh is imperative. Our awareness helps us respond to a situation. Enabling flexibility/creativity/what is needed at that moment. Our capabilities are accessed when through awareness. Our body and emotion are in constant receptivity to our choices (knowledgeable).

Nikita Hargude

It was great session understanding our own traits bcoz this will help me out to make choices henceforth …

My personal view …
It helped out to understand the reasons behind having this structure where now I will work on the things which will make me more comfortable..

Like about my stress level, I have made a decision that I won’t visit an eye doctor to get it corrected but eventually will work my stress levels to do so …

Niki Ray aka The MadBai

The Miracle Worker – Ritu Malhotra
As a counselor, it is very difficult to confide in someone else as we think we can solve our own mysteries all the time. I have been to many therapists and I have never considered going for a second session. When I met Ritu for the first time the purpose was something else but she offered me a session and for some reason, I couldn’t refuse her offer. Her energy is so soothing and she connects the dots brilliantly. What brings me back to her for more sessions is kinesiology has logic and reason and that appeals to me a lot. In just a few sessions I have been able to figure out how my choices affect my life, what can I do to raise out how my choices affect my life, what can I do to raise my vibrations, how can I be happy and stay at the top of my game. I look constantly look forward to going back to Ajna and connecting a little more with myself each time I go there. I have been able to unlock my eating habits, why I gained weight, how to deal with my triggers and how to block the triggers. I have learned to listen to my body more than my stomach. Thank you, Ritu Malhotra and Ajna Center for Learning for actually teaching me how to access my memories and remove the traumatic experiences I have gone through.

Sangeeta Jain

Thank you Ritu for the wonderful session. I have always enjoyed attending your courses.
After you pointed out in the workshop I started to notice and acknowledge the reward system inbuilt within. I am enjoying that very much. And the lovely exercises you recommended for neuroplasticity.
The abundance mindset is easy to adapt to once you learn how to… Something that your workshop taught me. Thank you

Nikita Hargude

The session on Abundance- Mindset was really wonderful time for me, it was like filling new energy in these tough times.
The most important take away for me was plan baby steps to change a condition for your satisfaction.
This workshop helped me to realise my strengths , actually even gave me new hope that I can plan many things if I wish.
And, meeting so many different people and hearing so many positive like minds fills me with energy to fight new circumstances.
These two hours are really happy moments for me where I forget the rest of my tensed environment.
N thanks alot ma’am for this.
We love to be part of such talks hereafter even.
Thanks to you that you help so many lives.

Vibha Bhatt

Thank you for your wonderful work shop on Brain Yoga. It was really inspiring. we learnt the exercises taught by you and noted down the information.
Thank you so much. May God bless you.

Dr. Kirti Prakash Dash

I am fortunate to hear you once again after so many years. You are an excellent counselor I have come across. I have remembered every step you have instructed me and undoubtedly I have been benefited out of it. I must tell you that I always followed the path you showed me to understand the importance of emotional intelligence and working on affirmations. It worked for me.


“Akhtar here, I don’t know if you remember me but I used to come to you with a 6-year-old boy named Rumaan. He was dyslexic and he had sessions with you. Today he became a lawyer, he cleared his exams with a first-class and distinction with a 71%. I will be eternally grateful to you because God sent an angel and my son’s life changed for the better. Thank you so much for everything you did for us back then. I thank God every day for sending you because had it not been for you, he wouldn’t be able to read or write or become a lawyer.”


“My experience at Ajna was emotional, revealing, and deeply moving. From the very first session it was like Ritu was speaking my language and all the work we did together resonated with me. I have used affirmations before, but the way it was explained, correlated, and connected to the body has remained with me. Ritu’s energy is infectious, and her manner effortlessly inspires trust. She created a safe, trusting space to discover, question, and share without judgment or preaching. I have consistently noticed mental awareness and progress long after we were done face to face, and rely on her techniques to circumvent obstacles and keep the momentum going.”

Nabeel Penkar

The counselling sessions with Ritu ma’am were absolutely wonderful.
It has really taught me to look at life from a different positive perception and find the value in each and every moment.
Big thanks to her for changing my life.

Anuraag Rai

Best wishes for your extraordinary contributions, to this world where reasons of hurt are many but not many healers are around, to help the universe.
Continue to help people to heal and grow to their fullest potential to thrive.
The world needs leaders like you to be around to alleviate – emotional situations and hardships.

Urvashi Singh

After having seen its incredible impact on my mother, I decided to try out the Ajna Centre for myself and the various internal conflicts that I had known myself to be undergoing for a few months. As an autoimmune patient, I was well aware that most chronic diseases are psychosomatic in nature and can only be addressed in the true sense by delving inwards. I am duly grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ritu Malhotra and to have been the lucky recipient of her time for four enriching sessions that were truly life-changing for me.

As a person who is spiritually curious, I was excited to know what kinesiology would comprise of. What fascinated me the most about Dr. Ritu’s approach was that unlike conventional medicine and psychology that treats the body as a more superficial realm as compared to the conscious and the subconscious, at the Ajna Centre, the body serves as the deepest realm of emotional memory. Throughout the healing process, she treated the body as the fountainhead of one’s being and the ultimate place of redressal that we had to arrive at.

The daily affirmations, her insights as well as the kinesiology sessions that made her assess my emotional state of healing were simply fascinating. Nothing like what I had seen before. I reached Pune as a relatively conflicted person and left feeling internally liberated. I know for one that Dr. Ritu has enabled the beginning of a liberating process that I am to carry on pursuing myself. Her easy accessibility and non-commercial nature are two more advantages that very few other practitioners offer. One can easily observe that Dr. Ritu devotes her energy to this profession due to her unparalleled passion and nothing else. I am definitely amongst her numerous fans across the globe whose lives she has touched ever so gently, yet profoundly.

Lastly, I advice all prospective Ajna Centre goers to step into Dr. Ritu’s world with an open mind and a fully willing heart. Because, if one expects magic to brew, it takes the giver as well as the receiver to be fully involved. Simply surrender to the process that you’re so lucky to be a part of and I promise you, it is going to be a once in a lifetime kind of ride, and one that will fascinate you at every step for the little that we credit our bodies for knowing!

Payal Hindocha

I have been thinking a lot since we met. A lot of introspection about self-worth. That kind of stuck with me. What I loved about our session is that I didn’t come out of it feeling low or upset. I came out feeling invigorated. Like the possibilities are endless, I just need to allow myself to live. To love unconditionally, each person in my life for what they are and not for what I would like them to be. And that will be possible if it comes from a place where I love and respect myself and extend the same to everyone around me. Sometimes you all know all of this but it takes someone on the outside to reinforce and drive you in the right direction and you did that for me so a big thank you.

I loved our interaction and I love the idea of having you as my life coach. Like the vibe is right:)


Defining Ajna
As an artist it meant the clearing of some thoughts that I have carried since my birth in my mothers womb and connecting to the body through the mind, as our mind and body might have two different expectations. Learning to connect with my body I started a new journey. It is about revealing the direct answer that I couldn’t find through the life I have today. It’s about searching the depth of a cause and fulfilling it.

As a human being
The experience awakened my true self knowing that I can achieve any heights as I am complete within myself, and I can talk freely expressing my opinions and ideas.

Thankyou Ritu mam for the lovely session and for helping me come out with my true self.

Thank you very much.

Anil Trikha

Monthly Newsletters:
Periodic reminders from Ajna about the essential essence of life and how to embrace it are invaluable. They always purvey profound wisdom.
Thank you for keeping me in the beneficiaries list


Thank you so much for being who you are ❤️. Your beautiful ability to connect with people & make them feel so comfortable in their own skin is what makes you loved by all. I am so grateful & blessed to have met you.


I met Dr. Ritu Malhotra to treat her. Often I engaged in conversations with her that made me want to tell her so much more. I’ve had a rough childhood and I was tired of feeling sorry for myself. There was a span when it became beyond my control and I started showing physical signs of anger like pustules and facial puffiness. After speaking to Dr. Ritu Malhotra I felt lighter and honestly the way she works is so different. No medicines and it’s amazing to see how our body has everything imprinted on it. I was filled with resentment and now all I have is forgiveness and joy. I usually would see my story as painful and shameful now all i see is strength and a girl who can achieve anything i want. I feel so confident and also my face glows with no pustules. My family and friend’s eventually saw a significant difference in me and now are looking forward to meeting with Ritu ma’am soon. Lots of love to you ma’am! You are changing the lives of many underconfident and greatly talented youngsters.
Thank you for changing my life.

Your Body Hears,
Everything Your Mind Says!